IF YOU thought industrial history was dusty and dry, prepare to think again! Yoke of Sorrow by Source WS webmaster Doug Peacock takes you on a breathtaking journey through time to meet the larger-than-life men whose brilliance laid the foundations of our 21st-century world.

On the way, we get caught up in the English Civil War - where the world's first steam engine was used as a weapon of mass distraction! - investigate the theft of secret plans that led to a revenge murder mystery, and come face-to-face with the man who never was: the forgotten Lancastrian who REALLY invented those great 18th-century cotton-spinning machines.

The pages of Yoke of Sorrow are overflowing with the inside stories of the men who put the 'Great' in Britain - Edward Somerset, Dud Dudley, Thomas Newcomen, James Watt, Richard Arkwright, James Hargreaves, Samuel Crompton and Richard Trevithick, to name but a few.

Read how an attempt to disguise the taste of rotting meat led to the foundation of an empire within an empire, in the shape of the British East India Company. Discover how the father of a British Prime Minister was the mysterious power behind one of our most important inventions. How the Royal Navy "stole" bankrupt Henry Cort's priceless steel-making patents for a paltry £100.

Yoke of Sorrow is not available in the bookshops but you can buy it online. You have a choice of hardback at $26.63, (£14.67 sterling) or paperback at $14.90, (£8.21). Or there's an economical, instant download for just $5 (£2.76).

Not sure? Why not visit our publisher's site to find out more? You can read the opening pages of Yoke of Sorrow without any commitment. Just click here.

2017 | Admiral Nelson | Read about the Industrial Revolution