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SUNSET ON THE DAWN: The detailed story of the life and death of Oldham's Dawn cotton mill.

WORKING-CLASS MOVEMENT LIBRARY: Library and bookshop based in The Crescent, Salford, offering a vast range of books and other historical documents. Site offers a comprehensive and interesting collection of articles and a large number of links to other useful sites.

STEAM ROLLERS: Site run by an Essex group who own two steamrollers - plenty of links to other steam-related sites.

SUPERNATURAL MINDS: Site dedicated to the great brains who have changed the world. Also articles on science and technology.

SPARTACUS: Comprehensive British history site, 1750 to present, with plenty of articles on the Industrial Revolution. Well worth bookmarking.

MODERN HISTORY SOURCEBOOK:. Many articles on Revolution-related subjects.

ENGINEERS: Manchester in the 19th century, including articles on engineers and inventors.

BEAMISH: Open-air industrial museum occupying more than 300 acres south of Newcastle in the North East of England.

IRON BRIDGE: Story of the construction of the world's first iron bridge over the River Severn in Shropshire.


PENNINE WATERWAYS: Last word on North West canal system. Great to browse.

BOOTHSTOWN: Mining and the Bridgewater Canal: Part of a larger site devoted to Boothstown, carries a history of mining in the area and the story of the Bridgewater Canal.

CANAL JUNCTION: Guide to British waterways, featuring sections for boaters,

SANKEY CANAL: The site of the Navigation's preservation group.

WORLDWIDE WATER WEB: A truly comprehensive site aimed mainly at canal boaters.


MIDDLETON RAILWAY: This former colliery tramway in Leeds claims to be the world's oldest railway. Trains still operate on the mile-long track, which is now owned by a trust.

AGE OF STEAM: Early steam railway histopry with features on Timothy Hackworth and the Stockton-Darlington line.

U.S. RAILWAYS: Wikipedia's useful timeline of American railroad development.

L.N.E.R. ENCYCLOPAEDIA: History of the most iconic of Britain's 20th century railways.

EAST LANCS RAILWAY: A 12-mile preserved line from Heywood to Rawtenstall in Lancashire that passes some of the most significant industrial locations, including Robert Peel's early mill sites, those of the Grant Brothers at Ramsbottom, and the home of John Kay, inventor of the flying shuttle.

KEIGHLEY & WORTH VALLEY: Five-mile preserved branch line running along the Worth Valley from Keighley in Yorkshire. Setting for the film The Railway Children


ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE: In-depth look at one of the towns at the heart of the Industrial Revolution.

BOLTON UK:. Birthplace of Crompton, workplace of Arkwright. The Industrial Revolution gathered pace here. Read about the town's history.

ENGLAND'S NORTH WEST:. Stay in touch with what's happening in the North West of England. Features on the regions, the culture, the people, the businesses and much more. Site run by the North West Development Agency.

NORTH-WEST TOURIST BOARD:. If Lancashire's history has fired your imagination, why not visit? This site tells you how to get here, where to stay and what to see.

A TASTE OF THE PEAK DISTRICT:. Derbyshire played a big part in the Industrial Revolution - Arkwright's first water-powered mill was built at Cromford. This site traces the area's history and is a mine of useful info for tourists.

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